Is A United States Of Africa Possible Or Even Desirable? Part One

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Is A United States Of Africa Possible Or Even Desirable?
Part One…


Why Is Africa So Divided?

a-divided-africaColonialism carved Africa up into bits and pieces. When it ended following the Second World War, the new leaders of Africa struggled to institute political unity for the sake of both social and economic development. This proved to be an extremely challenging endeavor and some 20 years later at a 1963 African leaders’ summit, the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah declared that if unity was not achieved soon, the result would be even more division and dissension for the African people.
In Africa today, some 50 years later, there is still little unity. The continent is still divided by borders of colonial making. Although it is a commonly held belief that political unity would strengthen Africa and many great people have called for it, at this point in time it simply is not a reality.
There are many formidable obstacles in place that prevent the unification of the African continent. The old and often illogical borders cause major problems for people. For example, trade across borders can be economically disastrous and even dangerous. Women who wish to engage in activities as innocuous as trading goods across borders face losing a significant amount of their goods to border officials. The specter of rape is always
On a wider scale, feuds between African nations regarding matters as divergent as citizens visa rules or territorial boundaries have prevented major trade and the development of resources.
Many Powerful and Influential People Dream of African Unification. Many great people have speculated about the possibility of a United States of Africa. Among them are Marcus Garvey, a Black Nationalist leader; Bob Marley, reggae great; and Libyan leader Mohammad Ghadhafi. So far, though, we have yet to see a united Africa.